President / Vice President, 1992 Election


Date: November 3, 1992
Cycle: 1992
Office: President / Vice President
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Running mate Party Votes Percent Margin
William (Bill) Clinton Man Albert (Al) Gore (Man) Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,020,997 43.48 +11.63
George H.W. Bush Incumbent Man Dan Quayle (Man) Incumbent Independent-Republican 747,841 31.85
H. Ross Perot Man James Stockdale (Man) Independent 562,506 23.96
Andre Marrou Man Nancy Lord (Woman) Libertarian 3,373 0.14
James Bo Gritz Man Cyril Minett (Man) Populist 3,363 0.14
Jack Herer Man Derrick P. Grimmer (Man) Grassroots 2,659 0.11
John Hagelin Man Mike Tompkins (Man) Natural Law 1,406 0.06
James Warren Man Estelle DeBates (Woman) Socialist Workers 990 0.04
Lenora Fulani Woman Maria Munoz (Woman) New Alliance 958 0.04
Howard Phillips Man Albion Knight (Man) Minnesota Taxpayers 773 0.03
Lyndon LaRouche Man James Bevel (Man) Independents for Economic Recovery 622 0.03

Clinton and Gore each received Minnesota's 10 Electoral College votes. This cycle marked the fifth consecutive win in Minnesota for a Democratic presidential ticket, tying the party record set from 1932-1948.


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