President / Vice President, 1988 Election


Date: November 8, 1988
Cycle: 1988
Office: President / Vice President
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Running mate Party Votes Percent Margin
Michael Dukakis Man Lloyd Bentsen (Man) Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,109,471 52.91 +7.02
George H.W. Bush Man Dan Quayle (Man) Independent-Republican 962,337 45.90
Eugene J. McCarthy Man Alpha Sunde Smaby (Woman) MN Progressive 5,403 0.26
Ron Paul Man Andre Marrou (Man) Libertarian 5,109 0.24
James Warren Man Kathleen Mickells (Woman) Socialist Workers 2,155 0.10
Jack Herer Man Dana Beal (Man) Grassroots 1,949 0.09
Lenora Fulani Woman Mamie Moore (Woman) New Alliance 1,734 0.08
Lyndon LaRouche Man Debra Freeman (Woman) National Economic Recovery 1,702 0.08
David Duke Man Floyd Parker (Man) American Populist 1,529 0.07
Delmar Dennis Man Earl Jeppson (Man) American Party of Minnesota 1,298 0.06
Edward Winn Man Barry Porster (Man) Workers League 489 0.02

Dukakis and Bentsen each received Minnesota's 10 Electoral College votes. For the first cycle since 1964, the Democratic ticket did not have its largest vote share in the 12-state Midwest region in Minnesota; at 52.91 percent the state was second behind Iowa (54.71 percent). This marked the first time in state history that Minnesota did not vote for the winning presidential ticket in three consecutive cycles.


  • Report of the State Canvassing Board, Office of Secretary of State, State of Minnesota, November 22, 1988 (p. 1).