U.S. Senate, 2000 Election

Primary Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Date: September 12, 2000
Cycle: 2000
Office: U.S. Senate
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Mark Dayton Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 178,972 41.29 +18.94
Mike Ciresi Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 96,874 22.35
Jerry R. Janezich Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 90,074 20.78
Rebecca Yanisch Woman Democratic-Farmer-Labor 63,289 14.60
Dick Franson Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,336 0.31
Ole Savior Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,206 0.28
Gregg A. Iverson Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,038 0.24
Harold H. (Hal) Dorland Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 610 0.14

Dayton was a resident of Minneapolis and former state Commissioner of Department of Economic Development, DFL nominee for U.S. Senate in 1982, state Commissioner of Department of Energy and Economic Development, state Auditor (1991-1995), DFL candidate for Governor in 1998, and Governor (2011-2019).

Ciresi was a trial lawyer from Mendota Heights.

Janezich was a bar owner from Chisholm, former state Representative (HD 05B, 1989-1993), and sitting state Senator (SD 05, 1993-2001). Janezich was the party-endorsed candidate.

Yanisch was a construction company executive from Minneapolis.

Franson was a retired appraiser for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, former Minneapolis Alderman, and perennial candidate.

Savior was an artist from Minneapolis and perennial candidate.

Iverson was a resident of Minneapolis, senior transportation generalist at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, DFL candidate for Auditor in 1994 and 200, candidate for SD 62 in 1996, candidate for Secretary of State in 1998 and 2014, candidate for the 5th CD in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2016, and candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018's special election.

Dorland was a resident of West St. Paul, DFL candidate for the 3rd CD in 1982, and candidate for the 4th CD in 1988.


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