2000 Election Cycle

On January 17, 2000 Auditor Judi Dutcher switched her partisan affiliation from Republican to the DFL.

Democrats carried Minnesota in a presidential election for a party record seventh consecutive cycle with the ticket of Vice President Al Gore and Connecticut U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman.

The DFL regained control of both U.S. Senate seats for the first time in over 20 years when former Auditor Mark Dayton defeated one-term Republican Rod Grams. Down the ballot, the GOP picked up one U.S. House seat when Mark Kennedy edged four-term Congressman David Minge by 0.05 points – the most narrowly decided election for the office in Minnesota history. The DFL retained a 5-3 advantage in the state U.S. House delegation.

Republicans netted one state Senate seat slightly closing the large 39-27 DFL majority with one senator identifying with the Independence Party. The DFL gained two House seats but the GOP still maintained a 69-65 majority.

Four appointed justices were victorious in Supreme Court elections: Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz and Associate Justices James Gilbert, Joan Ericksen Lancaster, and Russell Anderson.


Date Office Stage Winners Details
11/07/2000 State House, District 60B General Scott Dibble (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won with 13,452 votes (70.98%) and a winning margin of +51.19
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Scott Dibble Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 13,452 70.98
Adam Stenberg Man Republican 3,750 19.79
Denn J. Evans Man Independence 1,751 9.24
11/07/2000 State House, District 61A General Karen Clark (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won with 6,627 votes (78.48%) and a winning margin of +65.90
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Karen Clark Incumbent Woman Democratic-Farmer-Labor 6,627 78.48
Greg Dolce Man Republican 1,062 12.58
Laverne Claud Turner Man Independence 755 8.94
11/07/2000 State House, District 61B General Neva Walker (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won with 8,447 votes (79.82%) and a winning margin of +68.67
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Neva Walker Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 8,447 79.82
Andy Lindberg Man Republican 1,180 11.15
Robert W. Anderson Man Independence 955 9.02
11/07/2000 President / Vice President General Albert (Al) Gore (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won with 1,168,266 votes (47.91%) and a winning margin of +2.40
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Albert (Al) Gore with Joseph Lieberman Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,168,266 47.91
George W. Bush with Richard (Dick) Cheney Man Republican 1,109,659 45.50
Ralph Nader with Winona LaDuke Man Green 126,696 5.20
Patrick J. Buchanan with Ezola Foster Man Reform 22,166 0.91
Harry Browne with Art Olivier Man Libertarian 5,282 0.22
Howard Phillips with J. Curtis Frazier Man Constitution 3,272 0.13
John Hagelin with Nat Goldhaber Man Reform 2,294 0.09
James Harris with Margaret Trowe Man Socialist Workers 1,022 0.04
Eddie Bernard Marcus Man Write-In 17 0.00
Beatrice J. (Bea) Mooney with Deb Heiberger Woman Write-In 7 0.00
Gloria Dawn Strickland with Sharon Martle Woman Write-In 4 0.00

Gore and Lieberman each received Minnesota's 10 Electoral College votes. This cycle marked a party record seventh consecutive win in Minnesota for a Democratic presidential ticket.

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11/07/2000 State House, District 60A General Margaret Anderson Kelliher (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) won with 12,235 votes (70.43%) and a winning margin of +47.13
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Margaret Anderson Kelliher Incumbent Woman Democratic-Farmer-Labor 12,235 70.43
Laurie Eibensteiner Man Republican 4,047 23.29
Rahn V. Workcuff Man Independence 1,091 6.28