President / Vice President, 1996 Election


Date: November 5, 1996
Cycle: 1996
Office: President / Vice President
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Running mate Party Votes Percent Margin
William (Bill) Clinton Incumbent Man Albert (Al) Gore (Man) Incumbent Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,120,438 51.10 +16.14
Robert Dole Man Jack Kemp (Man) Republican 766,476 34.96
H. Ross Perot Man Pat Choate (Man) Reform 257,704 11.75
Ralph Nader Man Winona LaDuke (Woman) Green 24,908 1.14
Harry Browne Man Jo Jorgensen (Woman) Libertarian 8,271 0.38
Dennis Peron Man Arlin Troutt (Man) Grassroots 4,898 0.22
Howard Phillips Man Albion Knight (Man) U.S. Taxpayers 3,416 0.16
John Hagelin Man Mike Tompkins (Man) Natural Law 1,808 0.08
John Birrenbach Man George L. McMahon (Man) Independent Grassroots 787 0.04
James Harris Man Laura Halstead (Woman) Socialist Workers 684 0.03
Jerome S. White Man Fred Mazelis (Man) Socialist Equality 347 0.02

Clinton and Gore each received Minnesota's 10 Electoral College votes. This cycle marked the sixth consecutive win in Minnesota for a Democratic presidential ticket, setting a new party record.


  • Report of the State Canvassing Board, Office of Secretary of State, State of Minnesota, November 19, 1996 (p. 3-8).