U.S. Senate, 1978 Election


Date: November 7, 1978
Cycle: 1978
Office: U.S. Senate
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Rudy Boschwitz Man Independent-Republican 894,092 56.57 +16.18
Wendell (Wendy) Anderson Incumbent Man Democratic-Farmer-Labor 638,375 40.39
Sal (Christian) Carlone Man American 23,261 1.47
William E. (Bill) Peterson Man Socialist Workers 9,856 0.62
Brian John Coyle Man Public Interest Independent 8,083 0.51
Jean T. Brust Woman Workers 3,891 0.25
Leonard J. Richards Man Libertarian 2,992 0.19

Senator Anderson became the eighth incumbent U.S. Senator to lose reelection joining Democrat James Shields in 1859, Democrat Charles Towne in 1901, Republican Moses Clapp in 1916, Republican Frank Kellogg in 1922, Republican Henrik Shipstead in 1946, Republican Joseph Ball in 1948, and Republican J. Edward J. Thye in 1958.

Boschwitz was a former attorney from Plymouth, member of the Republican National Committee, and founder and operator of Plywood Minnesota, Inc.

Carlone was a general contractor from St. Paul.

Peterson was a railroad worker from Minneapolis. Peterson was nominated by petition.

Coyle was a community organizer from Minneapolis. Coyle was nominated by petition.

Brust was a bookkeeper from West St. Paul and Workers nominee for the 5th CD in 1976. Brust was nominated by petition.

Richards was a reverand and public accountant from Keewatin, and Republican candidate for the 8th CD in 1974. Richards was found civilly liabile for killing his half-sister in 1982 and convicted of killing his attorney in 1987.


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