President / Vice President, 1976 Election


Date: November 2, 1976
Cycle: 1976
Office: President / Vice President
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Running mate Party Votes Percent Margin
Jimmy Carter Man Walter Mondale (Man) Democratic-Farmer-Labor 1,070,440 54.90 +12.87
Gerald Ford Incumbent Man Robert Dole (Man) Independent-Republican 819,395 42.02
Eugene J. McCarthy Man Duane F. Stein (Man) McCarthy ’76 Principle 35,490 1.82
Thomas Jefferson Anderson Man Rufus Shackelford (Man) American 13,592 0.70
Peter Camejo Man Willie Mae Reid (Woman) Socialist Workers 4,149 0.21
Roger MacBride Man David Bergland (Man) Libertarian 3,529 0.18
Gus Hall Man Jarvis Tyner (Man) Communist 1,092 0.06
Margaret Wright Woman Benjamin Spock (Man) People's 635 0.03
Lyndon LaRouche Man R. Wayne Evans (Man) International Development Bank 543 0.03
Jules Levin Man Constance Blomen (Woman) Industrial Government 370 0.02
Frank Zeidler Man J. Quinn Brisben (Man) Socialist 354 0.02

Carter and Mondale each received Minnesota's 10 Electoral College votes. With favorite son Walter Mondale on the ticket, the 54.90 percent won by Jimmy Carter was his best showing in the 12-state region.

Although Stein's name was listed in McCarthy's filing petition to get on the ballot in Minnesota, he was considered a stand-in until McCarthy formally selected a running mate. Stein was a resident of Barnum, Iowa.


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