Governor, 1934 Election


Date: November 6, 1934
Cycle: 1934
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Floyd B. Olson Incumbent Man Farmer-Labor 468,812 44.61 +6.89
Martin A. Nelson Man Republican 396,359 37.72
John E. Regan Man Democrat 176,928 16.84
Arthur (A.C.) Townley Man Independent 4,454 0.42
Samuel Davis Man Communist 4,334 0.41

Governor Olson was reelected to a third term but died in office on August 22, 1936. Farmer-Laborite Lieutenant Governor Hjalmar Petersen succeeded him.

Nelson was an attorney from Austin who would later become a state court district judge and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice (1953-1972). Regan was an attorney from Mankato, state Representative (HD 08, 1931-1933), and Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 1932.

Townley was the founder of the Nonpartisan League in North Dakota who ran for multiple federal and state offices in North Dakota and Minnesota as a Socialist, Farmer-Laborite, Republican, and independent. Most recently he was a Republican candidate in North Dakota’s 3rd CD in 1930, a Farmer-Laborite at-large U.S. House nominee in Minnesota in 1932, and Farmer-Labor U.S. House candidate for the 9th CD in 1934. Townley was nominated by petition.

Davis was a journalist and state Communist Party activist and leader. Davis was nominated by petition.


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