Railroad & Warehouse Commissioner, 1920 Election


Date: November 2, 1920
Cycle: 1920
Office: Railroad & Warehouse Commissioner
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Ole P.B. (O.P.B.) Jacobson Incumbent Man Republican 445,557 61.91 +37.28
Emil C. MacKenzie Man Farmer-Labor 177,256 24.63
Ralph W. Robinson Man Democrat 72,964 10.14
Tom May Man Socialist 23,900 3.32

The election for this seat was for a six-year term.

Republicans won their 20th consecutive seat to the office of Railroad / Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner. This election also marked the largest victory margin in a race for Railroad or Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner in Minnesota history and one of only two elections decided by 30+ points (1881, 30.3 points).

Commissioner Jacobson was reelected to a third term.

MacKenzie was a resident of St. Paul and Nonpartisan League organizer.

Robinson was a resident of Minneapolis and railroad auditor.

May was a resident of Minneapolis and Socialist endorsed candidate for Minneapolis 6th Ward Alderman in 1921. May was nominated by petition.


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