Railroad Commissioner, 1914 Election

Primary Republican

Date: June 16, 1914
Cycle: 1914
Office: Railroad Commissioner
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Ole P.B. (O.P.B.) Jacobson Incumbent Man Republican 74,854 44.24 +20.63
John F. (J.F.) Rosenwald Man Republican 39,943 23.60
James S. Arneson Man Republican 27,372 16.18
J.C. White Man Republican 27,049 15.98

Second place votes: Jacobson = 9,117; Rosenwald = 8,897; Arneson = 8,935; White = 6,152.

Jacobson was a resident of Fergus Falls who was appointed to fill the seat after the resignation of Commissioner Charles F. Staples on March 30, 1914 after being unanimously elected by the Interstate Commerce Commission to be a member of the advisory board in the division of valuation. Jacobson was a newspaper editor, president of the Ugeblad Publishing Company, and member of the state Board of Grain Appeals for the Minneapolis district.

Rosenwald was a resident of Madison, former state Representative (HD 18, 1903-1905, 1909-1911), and candidate for Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner in 1912.

Arnseon was a resident of St. Paul, former newspaper editor, former Mayor of Chisholm, former Grant County Auditor, and candidate for Clerk of the Supreme Court in 1930.

White was an attorney from Chatfield and former cashier at the First National Bank of Mabel.


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