Railroad & Warehouse Commissioner, 1910 Election


Date: November 8, 1910
Cycle: 1910
Office: Railroad & Warehouse Commissioner
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Charles F. (C.F.) Staples Incumbent Man Republican 144,450 58.30 +25.81
James C. Tracy Man Democrat 80,504 32.49
Lewis A. (L.A.) Simonson Man Prohibition 22,837 9.22

This election for this seat was for a four-year term. Republicans won their 15th consecutive seat to the office of Railroad / Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner.

Commissioner Staples was reelected to a fourth term. Staples resigned on March 30, 1914 after being unanimously elected by the Interstate Commerce Commission to be a member of the advisory board in the division of valuation. Governor Adolph Eberhart appointed Ole Jacobson of Fergus Falls to fill the vacancy. Jacobson was a newspaper editor, president of the Ugeblad Publishing Company, and member of the state Board of Grain Appeals for the Minneapolis district.

Tracy was a resident of Rochester who worked in the grain and coal business.

Simonson was a resident of Duluth, Prohibition nominee for HD 49 in 1912, Prohibition nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 1916, and National Party nominee for Treasurer in 1918.


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