Supreme Court Associate Justice, 1904 Election


Date: November 8, 1904
Cycle: 1904
Office: Supreme Court Associate Justice
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Calvin Brown Incumbent Man Democrat-Republican 174,888 25.60 +11.53
Charles L. (C.L.) Lewis Incumbent Man Republican 167,776 24.55 +10.49
Charles B. Elliott Man Republican 165,256 24.19 +10.12
John Lovely Incumbent Man Democrat 96,097 14.06
Charles E. Otis Man Democrat 79,265 11.60

This election was for terms beginning January 1906.

Associate Justices Brown and Lewis were each reelected to a second term.

Associate Justice Lovely was the seventh Justice to be defeated at the ballot box following appointed Associate Justice Greenleaf Clark in 1881, Republican Associate Justices Daniel Dickinson and Charles Vanderburgh in 1892, and Democratic Associated Justices Thomas Canty, William Mitchell, and Daniel Buck in 1898. Lovely had been nominated by the Republican Party when elected in 1898. Lovely resigned on October 1, 1905 nearly a year following his 1904 electoral defeat. Governor John Johnson appointed Charles Elliott to fill the vacancy on October 1, 1905.

Elliott was a resident of Minneapolis, Hennepin County District Court judge, GOP candidate for the 5th CD in 1920, and winner of the third seat on the ballot. Elliott resigned effective September 1, 1909 to become Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands. Governor John Johnson appointed Thomas O'Brien to fill the vacancy on September 1, 1909. O'Brien was an attorney from St. Paul, former Assistant St. Paul City Attorney, former Ramsey County Attorney, and former Minnesota Insurance Commissioner.

Otis was an attorney from St. Paul and former Second District Court Judge.


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