Railroad Commissioner, 1883 Election


Date: November 6, 1883
Cycle: 1883
Office: Railroad Commissioner
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
James H. Baker Incumbent Man Republican 78,329 58.80 +21.40
Axel (A.T.) Lindholm Man Democrat 49,827 37.41
S. Meeker Man Prohibition 4,861 3.65
F. Gueswine Man Write-In 162 0.12

Commissioner Baker was reelected to a second term. This was the last election to the Railroad Commission as an 1885 bill would change the single-member, directly elected Railroad Commission to a three-member, appointed Railroad and Warehouse Commission. The remaining offices were for three-year terms for this single cycle and then two-year terms beginning with the Election of 1886. Elections for the Railroad and Warehouse Commission would commence in 1900.

Lindholm was a resident of St. Paul and nominee for Washington County Treasurer in 1879.

Meeker was a resident of Evansville and hotel keeper.


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