Auditor, 1860 Election


Date: November 6, 1860
Cycle: 1860
Office: Auditor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Charles McIlrath Man Republican 21,464 62.40 +27.07
Herman Trott Man Democrat 12,153 35.33
Josiah S. (J.S.) Weiser Man Democrat Southern Faction 779 2.26
Cyrus Aldrich Man Write-In 1 0.00
Jacob J. (J.J.) Noah Man Write-In 1 0.00

Note: Weiser's tally includes 15 votes for "J.S. Weiser," four votes for "J. Weiser," and two votes for G.S. Weiser.

McIlrath was a resident of Nicollet County.

Trott was a resident and first justice of the peace of Pine County and chairman of the board of county commissioners that organized Pine County. He would later serve as a state Representative (HD 21, 1866-1867) and on the St. Paul Board of Education (1869-1871).

Weiser was a resident of Scott County.

Aldrich was a sitting Republican U.S. Representative.

Noah was the sitting Democrat Clerk of the Supreme Court.


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