Governor, 1990 Election

Primary Independent-Republican

Date: September 11, 1990
Cycle: 1990
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Running mate Party Votes Percent Margin
Jon Grunseth Man Sharon Clark (Woman) Independent-Republican 169,451 49.42 +17.79
Arne Carlson Man Joanell M. Dyrstad (Woman) Independent-Republican 108,446 31.63
Doug Kelley Man Jean Harris (Woman) Independent-Republican 57,872 16.88
Mary Jane Rachner Woman Cathy Ouyang (Woman) Independent-Republican 2,944 0.86
Samuel A. Faulk Man James Eddleston (Man) Independent-Republican 2,557 0.75
Beatrice J. (Bea) Mooney Woman August Berkshire (Man) Independent-Republican 1,609 0.47

Grunseth was a businessman from Afton and the GOP U.S. House nominee for the 6th CD in 1974; Clark was a farmer from Madison. Grunseth withdrew from the race on October 28, 1990 following a newspaper report of a longtime extramarital affair.

Carlson was a former Minneapolis City Councilman (1965-1966), state Representative (HD 36, 1971-1973; HD 58B, 1973-1979), and sitting state Auditor (1979-1991); Dyrstad was Mayor of Red Wing (1985-1991). Carlson had launched a write-in campaign prior to Grunseth’s withdrawal and the GOP selected his name to appear on the general election ballot along with Dyrstad for Lieutenant Governor. However, Clark refused to withdraw from the race and unsuccessfully sued Secretary of State Joan Growe to keep her name on the ballot.

Kelley was an attorney, former federal prosecutor, and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger; Harris was a Eden Prairie City Councilwoman, physician, and former Virginia Secretary of Human Services.

Rachner was a retired teacher from St. Paul, Independent-Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 1982, Independent-Republican nominee for the 4th CD 1984, Independent-Republican candidate for Secretary of State in 1986, Independent-Republican candidate for the 8th CD in 1988, DFL presidential candidate in 1992, and Independent-Republican candidate for the 4th CD in 1992; Ouyang was a resident of Minneapolis and sat on the board of directors of the Asian American Art Center and Chinese Language Village at Concordia College.

Faulk was a resident of Minneapolis and Conservative’s People nominee for Attorney General in 1982. Eddleston was a resident of Shoreview

Mooney was a registered nurse from Lake St. Croix Beach and 1986 GOP gubernatorial candidate.


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