Governor, 1924 Election

Primary Farmer-Labor

Date: June 16, 1924
Cycle: 1924
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Floyd B. Olson Man Farmer-Labor 55,825 28.13 +0.15
Tom E. Davis Man Farmer-Labor 55,532 27.99
Louis (L.A.) Fritsche Man Farmer-Labor 41,831 21.08
Victor E. Lawson Man Farmer-Labor 20,784 10.47
William (W.W.) Royster Man Farmer-Labor 9,083 4.58
William Schaper Man Farmer-Labor 8,134 4.10
Thomas Vollom Man Farmer-Labor 7,245 3.65

Olson was an attorney from Minneapolis and Hennepin County Attorney (1920-1930). He would later get elected governor (1931-1936).

Davis was an attorney from Minneapolis, former publisher, former Marshall County Attorney, former Mayor of Marshall (1910-1913), former state Representative (HD 13, 1917-1919), and Farmer-Labor nominee for Attorney General in 1918.

Fritsche was a physician and Mayor of New Ulm.

Lawson was a newspaper editor, Mayor of Willmar, and future state Senator (SD 25, 1927-1939).

Royster was a locomotive engineer from Glenwood and the Farmer-Labor nominee for Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner in 1922.

Schaper was a professor of political science from Minneapolis who was fired with great controversy from the University of Minnesota in 1917 from the Board of Regents led by future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Pierce Butler. Schaper then became a manufacturer and distributor of washboards.

Vollom was general manager of the Garden Valley Telephone Company from Erksine. He was a Prohibition nominee for HD 62 in 1908, 1910, and 1912, nominee for SD 66 in 1918 and 1940, Republican candidate for Secretary of State in 1920, Farmer-Labor nominee for Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner in 1926, and nominee for HD 66 in 1942.


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