Governor, 1924 Election


Date: November 4, 1924
Cycle: 1924
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Theodore Christianson Man Republican 406,692 48.71 +4.87
Floyd B. Olson Man Farmer-Labor 366,029 43.84
Carlos Avery Man Democrat 49,353 5.91
Michael Ferch Man Independent Progressive 9,052 1.08
Oscar R. Anderson Man Socialist Industrial 3,876 0.46

Christianson was an attorney from Dawson, owner and publisher of the Dawson Sentinel, president of the Dawson Village Council (1910-1911), and state Representative (19115-1925). He would later win election to the U.S House (CD 05, 1933-1937) and win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 1936.

Olson was an attorney from Minneapolis and Hennepin County Attorney (1920-1930). He would later serve as governor (1931-1936).

Avery was the former newspaper publisher, Mayor of Hutchinson, executive agent of the Minnesota Game and Fish Commission (1907-1921), and Democratic nominee for U.S. House in the 3rd CD in 1914.

Ferch, a resident of Minneapolis and Vice President of the Progressive Republican Club, initially entered the 1924 Farmer-Labor gubernatorial primary but withdrew and placed second in the Farmer-Labor U.S. Senate nomination primary that June. He then ran as an Independent Progressive in the 1924 gubernatorial election from which he had previously withdrawn.

Anderson was a resident of St. Paul.


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