Governor, 1920 Election

Primary Democrat

Date: June 21, 1920
Cycle: 1920
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Laurence (Larry Ho) Hodgson Man Democrat 11,114 40.17 +26.87
Robert Hargadine Man Democrat 3,679 13.30
Oliver Quane Man Democrat 3,443 12.44
Julius Thorson Man Democrat 3,232 11.68
Alfred Jaques Man Democrat 2,179 7.88
Charles M. Andrist Man Democrat 2,038 7.37
Edward Indrehus Man Democrat 1,982 7.16

Hodgson was a newspaper reporter and columnist and Mayor of St. Paul (1918-1922; 1926-1930).

Hargadine was a resident of St. Paul and former state Fire Marshal and was an organizer of the America First association in the Twin Cities during World War I.

Quane was a reporter and editor from St. Peter and former St. Peter Board of Education member (1911-1916).

Thorson was a banker from Benson, former state Representative (HD 56, 1913-1915), Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 1916, and future chair of the state Democratic Party and Mayor of Benson (1927-1928).

Jaques was a U.S. District Attorney from Duluth (1914-1922) and Democratic U.S. House nominee for the 8th CD in 1910.

Andrist was a resident of Minneapolis, a former a University of Minnesota professor of languages, candidate for governor in 1912, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 1914, and secretary to Governor Winfield S. Hammond.

Indrehus was a farmer from Foley and former state Representative (HD 45, 1915-1919).


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