Governor, 1914 Election


Date: November 3, 1914
Cycle: 1914
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Winfield S. Hammond Man Democrat 156,304 45.54 +3.66
William E. Lee Man Republican 143,730 41.87
Willis G. Calderwood Man Prohibition 18,582 5.41
Thomas Lewis Man Socialist 17,225 5.02
Herbert Johnson Man Industrial Labor 3,861 1.12
Hugh T. Halbert Man Progressive 3,553 1.04

Hammond was an attorney from St. James and four-term U.S. Representative (CD 02, 1907-1915). Hammond died after serving less than a year, however, and former state Representative (HD 33, 1909-1913) and Republican Lieutenant Governor (1913-1915) J.A.A. Burnquist took his seat on December 30, 1915.

Lee was a banker from Long Prairie and former state Representative (HD 39, 1885-1889; HD 46, 1893-1895) and House Speaker (1893-1895) who unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination for governor in 1896 and 1912.

Calderwood was State Chair of the Minnesota Prohibition Party and at-large Prohibition nominee to the U.S. House in 1912.

Lewis was a socialist speaker and organizer from Minneapolis.

Johnson was a resident of St. Paul and was nominated by petition.

Halbert was an attorney from of St. Paul and Progressive nominee for the 4th CD in 1912.


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