Governor, 1883 Election


Date: November 6, 1883
Cycle: 1883
Office: Governor
State: Minnesota
District: Statewide
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent Margin
Lucius Hubbard Incumbent Man Republican 72,462 53.37 +10.47
Adolph Biermann Man Democrat 58,251 42.90
Charles Evans Holt Man Prohibition 4,924 3.63
Ignatius Donnelly Man Write-In 79 0.06

Governor Hubbard was reelected to a second term. A constitutional amendment passed in 1883 requiring state elections to be held in even-numbered years; as such, Hubbard's new term was set for three years through December 1886.

Biermann was a resident of Rochester, former Olmsted County Auditor (1875-1880), Democratic nominee for Secretary of State in 1875, and 1882 and 1884 nominee for the 1st Congressional District. He later served as state Auditor (1891-1893).

Holt was a resident of Sauk Rapids.


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