1893 Election Cycle

In January, the state legislature reelected Republican U.S. Senator Cushman Davis to a second term.


Date Office Stage Winners Details
01/18/1893 U.S. Senate General Cushman Kellogg (C.K.) Davis (Republican) won with 85 votes (50.60%) and a winning margin of +22.02
Candidate Gender Party Votes Percent
Cushman Kellogg (C.K.) Davis Incumbent Man Republican 85 50.60
Daniel W. Lawler Man Democrat 48 28.57
S.M. Owen Man People's 24 14.29
Moses E. Clapp Man Republican 3 1.79
Albert Scheffer Man Republican 2 1.19
William R. (W.R.) Merriam Man Republican 2 1.19
John Lind Man Republican 2 1.19
Daniel A. (D.A.) Dickinson Man Republican 1 0.60
Charles M. Start Man Republican 1 0.60

Election by the state legislature by joint convention.

Senator Davis was reelected to a second term.

Lawler was an attorney from St. Paul and former U.S. Attorney (1886-1891). He was Mayor of St. Paul (1908-1910), Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator in 1912 and 1916, Democratic candidate for Governor in 1914, and Democratic nominee for the 4th CD in 1924.

Dickinson was a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice (1881-1893).

Owen was a resident of Minneapolis, editor of Farm, Stock and Home, and Democratic-People's nominee for Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner in 1900.

Clapp was an attorney from Fergus Falls and former Attorney General (1887-1893).

Scheffer was banker from St. Paul, Democratic nominee for Auditor in 1872, former Republican state Senator (SD 26, 1887-1891), and brother of former Republican Treasurer Charles Scheffer (1860-1868).

Merriam was a banker from St. Paul, former state Representative (HD 27, 1883-1885; HD 26, 1887-1889), and Governor (1889-1893).

Lind was a Swedish-born attorney and sitting Republican U.S. Representative (1887-1893). Lind was the Democratic-People's gubernatorial nominee in 1896, 1898, and 1900 serving as governor from 1899-1901. He would later get elected as a Democratic U.S. Representative (CD 05, 1903-1905).

Dickinson was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1881-1893).

Start was an attorney from Rochester, former Olmsted County Attorney, Attorney General (1880-1881), and eventual Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1895-1913).

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