Toombs County

Toombs County is a defunct county that was located in Northwestern Minnesota and was established on March 8, 1858 by the Territorial Legislature. The area was previously part of Pembina County. Toombs County was named after Georgia U.S. Senator Robert Toombs (1853-1861) who later became Secretary of State for the Confederacy. In March 1863, during the Fifth Legislature, an act was passed changing the name of Toombs County to Andy Johnson County. Andrew Johnson was the Tennesseee Military Governor and later U.S. Vice President and President. Sources: The Weekly Pioneer and Democrat, March 13, 1863 (p. 8). Minnesota Geographic Names, by Warren Upham (Minnesota Historical Society, 1969).

Legislative Districts

Congressional Districts
Starting Ending Districts
1858 1863 At-Large
1863 1863 CD 02
Senate Districts
Starting Ending Districts
1861 1863 SD 03
House Districts
Starting Ending Districts
1861 1863 HD 03


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